Seres OL Pautbac II

Pautbac II

Automatic or semi-automatic process control system for drainage of water in oil storage tanks

Adjustable Threshold 5 to 25%


  • reagent-free capacitive probe
  • ex proof ATEX, IECEx, GOST, INMETRO, etc.
  • cost-efficient (capacity, material, disposal and man-hour savings)
  • easily installable without tank modification


Seres OL is a Swan company.


Why automatize?

Save money
Minimize oil loss and disposal costs of released hydrocarbons with the highly precise measurement and exact phase separation. Complete automatization eliminates labor costs associated with manual operation.

Prevent quality issues
Standing water favors the cultivation of bacteria in fuel stocks. Pautbac II withdraws the water regularly and prevents oil contamination at an early stage.

Protect your investments
Water is highly corrosive inside tanks. Reduce corrosion and increase the longevity of your facilities.

Use the full capacity of your oil tanks
Improve the nominal capacity of your tanks by eliminating oil-displacing water.

Increase on site safety (HSE)
Eliminate manual handling and ensure safe purge operations without exposure to gases like BTEX.


Seres OL Pautbac II


Seres OL Pautbac II


Pautbac II diagram



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