Seres OL Analyser TOC Evolution VUV

SeresOL TOC Evolution VUV

Water Analyzer for Precise Determination of TOC Levels

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) 0-2 ppm / 0-100 ppm
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) by correlation


  • low maintenance, low reagent consumption, low operating cost
  • suitable for potable water measurements per EN DIN 1484
  • quick response time: 5-8 minutes per measurement
  • automatic zero-point detection


Seres OL is a Swan company.


Industrial Process Condensate
Early warning for leakages in water steam cycles. Determinate contamination reliably to avoid costly system damages.

Potable water treatment and surface water
Accurate and fast detection of natural organic matter (NOM), disinfectants and possible disinfection byproducts (DBPs).


TOC Evolution


TOC Evolution VUV


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