Transmitter AMI ISE Universal AC

Transmitter AMI ISE Universal AC

Electronic transmitter/controller for the continuous measurement of Ammonium or Nitrate in potable water.

Sensors and accessories:

  • Swansensor Ammonium or Swansensor Nitrate in combination with Swansensor Reference FL for measurement of Ammonium respectively Nitrate (see data sheet of sensor).
  • Swansensor Temperature (NT5K)
  • Swansensor deltaT-Flow
  • Flowcell M-Flow 10-3 PG


ISE measurement
for one ISE sensor (SS Ammonium or SS Nitrate), one reference electrode (SS Reference FL) and one or two temperature sensors NT5K.
Measuring range 0.01 to 1000 ppm (mg/l)
Accuracy 10% of reading
Reference temperature 25° C
Automatic temperature compensation according to Nernst.
Temperature measurement (NT5K)
Measuring range -30 to 130°C
Resolution 0.1° C
Sample flow measurement
with digital sample flow meter.
Power Supply
Voltage 100-240 VAC (± 10%)

50/60 Hz (± 5%)

or 10-36 VDC

For further information see datasheet in downloads.


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