Chemistry Control Room Upgrade

This project undertaken by Swan Analytical Australia is something we are proud to share. Not only did we successfully meet all of the client’s needs but we did it while simultaneously meeting the challenges imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic and it’s resulting lockdowns and border closures.

With an ageing fleet of Thermal Power Stations and a declining number of Power Plant staff across Australia, boiler integrity is of critical importance. Swan Analytical Australia have been providing SWAS (Steam Water Analysis System) package solutions to the power industry to ensure that boiler integrity is not compromised. Not only are our systems designed and custom built to every clients exacting requirements but also to meet and even exceed the highest international standards in the industry ensuring critical analytical measurements are accurate, reliable and require a minimal amount of operator interaction with maximum chemist and operator confidence.

Our range of analysers for pure, ultrapure and cooling water applications cover a wide variety of parameters including pH, conductivity, ORP, dissolved oxygen, silica, sodium, phosphate, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, bromine, iodine, ozone, and turbidity among others.

Swan Analysers are coupled with Sentry Sample conditioning panels. Established in 1924, Sentry Equipment Corporation are world recognised as having the highest quality and reliable steam sampling equipment, providing 25C samples day in, day out.

The average life cycle of our quality built systems are 15+ years with some being in service for almost 20 years. Swan Analytical Instruments are highly regarded in the Australian power generation market and are now used at almost every major power station in the country. A recent market observation was Swan replaces other brands, not the other way around.

With this feedback from the client you can see why :

“I was at site 2 weeks ago and sat in the new SWAS containers for a long time and just looked and smiled. Very, very satisfied. Feedback from the operators was that they are very happy too. Previously our boiler compliance inspections were every 12 months costing in excess of $2 million for each inspection. With the accuracy and reliability of the Swan Analytical SWAS system our boiler compliance inspections can now be extended to every 4 years saving millions of dollars. This is our second Swan Analytical SWAS system at different sites, another great job from Swan Analytical Australia yet again.”

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