Swan Analytical Australia Projects

  • Power Station Wet Rack
    In 2023, a prominent power station in Far North Queensland (FNQ) needed to upgrade its water analytical equipment to improve reliability, reduce maintenance costs and ensure the water treatment plant maintained efficiency. Swan Analytical Instruments was chosen for the project due… Read more »
  • No project too small
    Swan Analytical Australia and Swan Analytical New Zealand have built custom cabinets to protect clients assets. Sometimes analysers can’t be housed in a protected location like a building or container. In some cases, they need to be placed in locations where… Read more »
  • Purpose Built SWAS
    During the Covid -19 pandemic, Swan Analytical Australia were able to design, build and commission three containerised Steam Water Analysis Systems (SWAS) for a triple gas fired Heat Recoverable Steam Generator (HRSG) for a client in remote Western Australia. The client… Read more »
  • Chemistry Control Room Upgrade
    This project undertaken by Swan Analytical Australia is something we are proud to share. Not only did we successfully meet all of the client’s needs but we did it while simultaneously meeting the challenges imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic and it’s… Read more »