Medical and Pharmaceutical Water Monitoring

Water systems used in the pharmaceutical industry, including ultrapure water, highly purified water, purified water, and water for injection, are subject to stringent global regulations. These systems demand exceptional levels of quality, compliance, and reliability to ensure product safety and uphold integrity.

The calibration, validation, and verification of online process analysers play a crucial role in maintaining these standards. Swan Analytical’s advanced process systems provide accurate, real-time continuous monitoring of critical parameters such as Total Organic Carbon (TOC), conductivity, and disinfection processes. These instruments adhere to the most rigorous pharmacopoeia standards.

Pharmaceutical Water Monitoring

Water Testing In Renal Dialysis

Testing water used in renal dialysis is crucial due to the potential presence of chlorine, which can lead to serious health issues. Traditional manual testing methods are time-consuming and prone to error. Swan Analytical Instruments’ Renal Dialysis Total Chlorine Monitor (AMI Codes-II TC) provides a continuous, automated monitoring solution, saving nursing staff time and increasing accuracy. It offers real-time warnings for high chlorine levels, data recording for audits, and 24-hour monitoring, ensuring patient safety and efficient water treatment management.

Typical Instrumentation for Pharmaceutical Applications; Purified Water and Water for Injection

Instrumentation for Pharmaceutical Applications





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