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fluoride analyser

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is an inorganic, monatomic anion of fluorine, represented chemically as F−. It is the ionic form of fluorine, the most reactive and lightest member of the halogen family in the periodic table. Fluoride ions are derived from fluorine and form compounds or salts when combined with various other elements. These fluoride compounds are typically white or colourless in their solid state. Naturally occurring in soil, water, and air, fluoride plays a crucial role in dental health by helping to prevent tooth decay and cavities. It may be found naturally in drinking water or can be artificially added to water supplies and dental products to enhance oral hygiene and health.


Monitoring Fluoride in Potable Water

Monitoring fluoride levels in potable water is a critical aspect of public health management, aimed at optimising the benefits of fluoride for dental health while preventing adverse effects such as dental fluorosis. Water treatment facilities play a key role in this process, employing various technologies to ensure that fluoride concentrations remain within the optimal range recommended by health authorities.

Furthermore, continuous and reliable monitoring solutions, offered by Swan Analytical, are essential for maintaining the integrity of water fluoridation programs and ensuring public safety. The use of public water supply fluoride concentration as an epidemiological tool underscores the importance of systematic sampling and monitoring across water supply zones.

Public water systems that fluoridate must adhere to strict permitting and monitoring guidelines to protect consumers. Even in areas where fluoride occurs naturally in drinking water, monitoring remains crucial for identifying high concentrations and mitigating health risks. Through diligent monitoring and regulation, authorities and water resource managers can ensure that the benefits of fluoride in potable water are realised without compromising public health.


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