Monitor AMI Sodium P

Monitor AMI Sodium P

Automatic measurement for trace amounts of dissolved sodium ions in high purity water applications and steam generation

  • Reliable alkalization reagent addition system for diisopropylamine or ammonia with continuous pH monitoring
  • Simple automatic temperature compensation and two-point calibration with storage of calibration history
  • Easy to use, integrated grab sample function


Analyzer for the continuous determination of dissolved sodium for samples with pH ≥7


Sodium measurement Sodium glass electrode, screw cap.
Calomel reference electrode, screw cap
Measuring range 0.1 ppb – 10 ppm
Accuracy ±5 % of reading
Repeatability 5 %
Response time 180 s (95%)
  • Reliable alkalization reagent addition with continuous pH monitoring
  • Simple two point calibration
  • Automatic temperature compensation
Power supply
Voltage 100-240 VAC (±10%), 50/60Hz
10-36 VDC
Power consumption max. 35 VA
Sample conditions
Flow rate min. 100 ml/min.
Temperature 5 … 45 °C (41 … 113 °F)
Inlet pressure 0.3 … 3 bar (4 … 43 PSI)
Outlet pressure ambient pressure
pH Value ≥ pH 7.0
Ammonium concentration < 10 ppm
Suspended solids < 10 ppm, no oil, no grease

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