Monitor AMI pH-Redox M-Flow AC

Monitor AMI pH-Redox M-Flow AC

Monitor for continuous measurement of pH or redox (ORP) in potable water and effluents.


Complete system mounted on PVC panel:

  • Transmitter AMI pH-Redox in a rugged aluminium enclosure (IP 66).
  • Flow cell M-Flow 10-3PG with temperature sensor (Pt1000).
  • Factory tested and calibrated. Ready for installation and operation.


For use with combined sensors with reference electrodes for various sample conditions:

  • Swansensor pH Standard or ORP Standard
  • Swansensor pH SI or ORP SI
  • Swansensor pH AY or ORP AY
  • Swansensor pH FL or ORP FL


Optional accessory:

  • Spray nozzle for sensor cleaning
  • Swansensor deltaT flow meter
  • Swan AMI Relay box


pH Measurement with Swansensor ST/AY
Measuring range pH 1 to 13
Resolution 0.01 pH
Reference temperature 25° C
Automatic temperature compensation
according to Nernst.
ORP (Redox) measurement with Swansensor ST/AY
Measuring range -400 to 1’200 mV
Resolution 1 mV
Temperature measurement
Measuring range -30 to 130°C
Resolution 0.1° C
Power Supply
Voltage 100-240 VAC (±10%), 50/60Hz
10-36 VDC
Sample conditions
Flow rate 4 to 15 l/h
Temperature up to 50° C
Inlet pressure up to 1 bar
Outlet pressure pressure free
Panel 280 x 850 x 150 mm

For further information see data sheet in downloads.


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