Monitor AMI SAC254 AC

Monitor AMI SAC254 AC

Continuous UV absorption measurement at 254 nm for organic carbon monitoring.

  • Drift free due to dynamic measurement at multiple path lengths



  • Continuous UV absorption measurement with the possibility to monitor the organic load of the sample
  • Correlation of the absorption to organic carbon related parameters (DOC, TOC, BOD, …) via one-point or two-point calibration or manual configuration of the correlation parameters
  • Dynamic measurement principle insensitive to fouling of the optical components
  • Optional turbidity correction at 550 nm according to DIN EN 38404-3
  • Certified standard solution available for instrument verification
  • Grab sample functionality for manual measurement, verification and calibration
  • Complete system mounted on a PVC panel including measurement and control electronics, the photometer, an inlet strainer and a sample bottle for manual measurements
  • Integrated flow monitoring for measurement validation
  • Factory tested, ready for installation and operation.


UVT Analyser

SAC254 measurement
Measuring range: 0 … 300 /m
0 … 100 % UVT
Parameter: absorbance, UVT, concentration
Wavelength: 254 nm
Measuring interval: 30 sec. to 3 min.
Precision: ± (1% + 0.01 /m)
Power supply
Voltage 100-240 VAC (±10%), 50/60Hz
10-36 VDC
Power consumption max. 35 VA
Sample conditions
Flow rate 2 to 12 l/h
Temperature 5 to 30 °C
(not higher than ambient temp.)
Inlet pressure 0.5 to 10 bar with flow controller option
Outlet pressure pressure free


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