Monitor AMI Turbitrack

Monitor AMI Turbitrack

High Precision Nephelometer complying with ISO 7027 (EN 27027, DIN 38404) for the continuous measurement of low level turbidity in pure water with up to 10 bar.

  • Range: 0.000 to 100.0 FNU with a precision of ± 0.001 FNU or 1% of reading.
  • Turbidimeter with sample chamber purge and flow controller.
  • Monitoring of sample flow with alarm.
  • High precision secondary standards for quality assurance.


  • High precision nephelometer complying with ISO 7027 (EN 27027, DIN 38404)
  • Measurement range: 0.000 – 100.0 FNU/NTU Automatic range switching.
  • Precision: ± 0.001 FNU/NTU or 1% of reading.
  • Response time: typically T90 sample entry at 10 l/h)
  • Manual verification with high precision secondary standards.
  • Automatic purging of optical measurement chamber in programmable intervals.
  • Pressure tight sample system up to 10 bara voids outgassing of sample.
  • Transmitter, turbidity sensor, flow cell, flow controller and sensor mounted on panel for immediate use.
  • Power Supply
    -100-240 VAC (±10%)
    -10-36 VDC


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