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Swan Analytical Projects

SWAN Analytical Australia and SWAN Analytical New Zealand have built custom cabinets to protect clients assets. Sometimes analysers can’t be housed in a protected location like a building or container. In some cases, they need to be placed in locations where the harsh Australian and New Zealand environment may not be ideal for analytical equipment…. Read more »

Purpose Built SWAS

Swan Analytical Projects

During the Covid -19 pandemic, SWAN Analytical Australia were able to design, build and commission three containerised Steam Water Analysis Systems (SWAS) for a triple gas fired Heat Recoverable Steam Generator (HRSG) for a client in remote Western Australia. The client approached SWAN analytical to design a purpose built structure to incorporate all steam measurements… Read more »

Chemistry Control Room Upgrade

Chemistry Control Room

This project undertaken by Swan Analytical Australia is something we are proud to share. Not only did we successfully meet all of the client’s needs but we did it while simultaneously meeting the challenges imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic and it’s resulting lockdowns and border closures. With an ageing fleet of Thermal Power Stations and… Read more »